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From Darlene's clients...

Darlene brings a rare quality of body, mind, breath, heart and spirit to the table. She has a magical way of infusing that into my body with every single stroke. I feel grounded, nurtured, deeply relaxed, yet rejuvenated every time I see her.

– Helen G., Director, Healing Spirits Massage School

Darlene is a very grounded and warm practitioner who is truly present with you before, during and after a massage. She is very intuitive and has an amazing ability to know where you hurt, how to work through tender spots, and how to give you an overall great massage from head to toe. Her massages always feel very effective and healing as well and nurturing and relaxing. She has a lot of unique techniques that she uses on all areas of your body that feel so good you never want it to end! Darlene is the best massage therapist I've ever had, no one compares to her!

– Lisa

Darlene is in tune with me as soon as I walk in the door. Her compassionate presence and intuitive hands relax my body's stuck places and increase my awareness of life's impact on my physical structure. Since I began working with Darlene 5 months ago, chronic pain in my shoulder and hips have significantly decreased. I have had no other therapy except focused massage and participating in exercises Darlene has recommended. Our relationship feels collaborative, and for that partnership I am grateful.'

– Kimberly

A friend recommended Darlene years ago. It’s funny how we receive information and don’t act on it. I recently began massage with Darlene and now I’m recommending her to all my friends. Darlene is a kind, reflective and initiative person; her hands are very wise, her touch is amazingly comforting. Darlene's massages are deep, intuitive and fluid. She can totally transport me to a different place. I truly thank my friend who recommended her to me and I hope you don’t wait as long as I did.

– Gayle

When I arrive for my massage, I am tense, stressed, and seem to have forgotten that I have a body (except where it hurts). During the massage, Darlene's expert hands find the knots and tight muscles and convince them to let go. She uses soothing, integrating strokes that transform my body from a collection of tense parts into a peaceful whole. I re-enter my day-to-day life feeling relaxed, integrated, resourced for the challenges ahead, and happy to be alive!

Darlene incorporates everything I am looking for in a massage therapist: her expert technique is balanced by compassion, kindness, and energetic presence.

– Kris

It is an honor to receive touch and healing from someone who is in absolute harmony with work. Every time I am on Darlene's table I fall in love with myself and massage a little bit more. Thank you, Darlene! You are a such a gift in my life!

– Mary

I so appreciated Darlene's caring and amazing healing touch. Darlene helps heal and relax my body and for that I am most grateful.

– Judy

Darlene blends art, healing, and transformation into every touch. As she did her amazing work I could feel myself gaining access to my body again, and my Self able to express itself here on earth. After massage with Darlene, I am ready and able to do my good work again and be here fully for the people I love.

– Char

Let me introduce you to Darlene. Before long, you’ll feel like you’ve known her a lifetime. Darlene connects with her clients in a way that is intuitive and gentle yet strong. She is kind and caring. Her work works!

– Lynn

Darlene has a beautiful and unique capacity to be absolutely centered and present in each moment of time with me. I am able to fully release, and just be. Her work is fluid & flowing, so giving, truly complete.

– Charlotte

Darlene heals not only the body, but the mind and heart. I leave her feeling she has united them all. Her work is deep and nurturing.

– Paul

Darlene's massages are full of depth, strength, fluidity, awareness, and massive amounts of heart. After every session I leave feeling softer, more grounded, and in touch with my whole self. In Darlene's presence I feel nurtured, open, listened to, and cared for. Her ability to access and work with deep layers of restriction in my body with consistent strength and pressure is remarkable. I always feel like my whole body lengthens and melts onto the table.

– A.O.